How to put your heritage collections online?

Morgane Radigue
May 6, 2019 9:47:00 AM

This is the question we asked ourselves after having fully thought about our digitizing solutions. How to put your heritage collections online?

We would like to dedicate an article about digital libraries and more specifically to resume a project on which we have been working with The Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPLF) and our partner Spigraph. 

« The EPFL Library has just launched PLUME, a digital library of old documents illustrating the fields of history and philosophy of science. Thousands of images of 15th, 16th and 17th century works can be viewed and downloaded freely. » (Source

Plume Library

This heritage has been digitized and is now freely available to Internet users via a digital library called PLUME.  The EPLF wanted to offer to the readers, “the possibility of carrying out full-text searches using transcriptions obtained by optical character recognition (OCR). Navigation in the structures is facilitated by the presence of dynamic tables of contents and bookmarks. Creating an account gives the user access to advanced features, such as a collaborative annotation module to comment and enrich documents. PLUME offers its visitors a high-quality viewing and visualization experience with images that can be downloaded in high definition thanks to a tool that allows them to print, download and share documents. The advanced search allows you to target several fields in the records describing scanned documents, summaries and captions, or full text”

Virtual exhibitions will be regularly offered on PLUME. The first of these is devoted to an incunable printed in Venice between 1497 and 1499.

Plume is the 3rd Limb Gallery digital library in Switzerland. We are happy to discover articles like these because it shows that our customers are satisfied with our solution.

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