Interest of i2S for TeraHertz

Christine HO
May 3, 2018 12:00:00 AM

Interest of TeraHertz (THz) for non-destructive testing

Electromagnetic waves are around us in many different forms: light waves, radio waves, micro waves. We have been using their properties for years. TeraHertz waves (THz) are the electromagnetic waves with frequencies between 300 GHz and 10 THz. THz radiation lies between microwaves and infrared light regions of the spectrum.

THz radiation have unique properties, it can go through a wide variety of non-conducting materials. They are low in energy (~4,1 meV) and non-ionizing so they are not harmful. We can use THz imaging technology for non-invasive and non-destructive testing in various fields like food, industry, medicine, etc

THz waves are absorbed by some liquids like water, and this property can be used to measure the internal moisture of various objects.

Despite this potential, the use of THz waves was not very well developed for a while because the sources were not powerful or compact enough and the sensors were not sensitive enough. But recently, thanks to advances in technology, new systems like commercial and compact sources and portable imaging sensors are now available and suitable for industrial applications.

i2S's detector for the non-destructive testing

i2S’s THz camera, the TZcam, integrates an array of THz sensor with a resolution 320 x 240-pixel developed and patented by CEA Leti. This is an uncooled thermal sensor in static vacuum that convert the temperature variation due to THz radiation in electric current. Conversion is directly made, without loss of energy because there is no transfer interface.

Bolometric cameras are the most sensitive on the market with MDP (Minimum Detected Power) about few tens of picowatt (10-12 watt). The TZcam comes with a lens offering x0,25 magnification at 200 mm with a covered field of 48 x 64 mm with a resolution of 0,2 mm for high frequencies. i2S can design specific optics for different applications. The sensor covers a frequency spectrum from 0,6 to 4 THz. The TZcam is easy to use because its interface is USB 3. With the highest sensitivity available today, the TZcam is the ideal detector to image objects in the THz spectrum band. The TZcam can be used in many different applications like non-destructive testing and THz source calibration.

Interest THz

We have sources covering a frequency band from 300 GHz to 4,7 THz and we can be used to test various materials and objects to evaluate the use of Terahertz waves for the industry. This platform wait you to test your materials.

To help you to find the best solution to your needs in terahertz (THz) imaging, François SIMOENS from CEA Leti has written a buyer's guides. Our TZcam camera is referenced in particular by its competitive advantages.

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TZcam, uncooled THz Imager


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