Find the Library at your place

Apr 24, 2020 1:30:00 AM

This week is the National Library week organized by the American Library Association with the theme “Find your place at the library - Find the library at your place”.

Library i2S

In these times when the world motto is “Stay safe, save lives”, you can find the libraries at your place. Online libraries are open for their communities by given access to their virtual services and digital content (e-books, books, manuscript, audio, video, virtual exhibitions and so much more).  

Our software solution LIMB GALLERY is the perfect tool for Libraries, Museums, and many other institutions who would like to share their collections online. With many and various references worldwide : United Nations ( , National Institut of history and art ( ; the Royal Botanical Garden of Mardrid ( ; Radford University -  Mc Connell Library (

Limb Gallery has demonstrated to be a reliable solution that can be implemented fast. Collections of tones and tones of files and metadata can be managed easily (books, manuscripts, newspapers, paintings, videos and audios files but also 3D objects and much more), through a dedicated and fully customize back-end and front office. Several actions and protocols can be setup to increase the visibility and the popularity of your collections via the Open Archives Initiative or the IIF protocol or with a share on social media.


Enjoy this time at home and if you want to know more, visit our website or ask us for more information. 


Stay home, save lives – lives matters!!

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